Considerations about water from Doryman

domenica, novembre 22

Here some very important informations from our great friend Michael, the author of the super blog Doryman.

We thank him for this suggestions. Here his integral post about the water privatization recently approved in Italy and some bad examples in South America.

Michael in the cockpit of his beautiful “Mistral” (here at anchor)

michael bogoger said…
Giacomo – we would like to hear more about this development.


Hasn’t the world learned anything from the scandal and swindle by Bechtel in Guayaquil, Ecuador ( )? Guarantees and loans provided by the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank ensured profitable investments for Bechtel resulting in contaminated water for Guayaquil’s citizens. Corporate rule is not in the best interest of ordinary citizens, despite the propaganda. Governments have reserved the rights to our resources and can outsource them at will( ). The government agencies that are democratically empowered to do so need to hear from their citizens that enabling corporate profit is not acceptable.
Here is a google search for anyone wanting to follow up on the abusive corporate practices applied to water rights:

November 22, 2009 10:55 AM
What else?!

Una Risposta to “Considerations about water from Doryman”

  1. doryman Says:

    We don’t own our planet – how can we sell it?

    I could not decipher how to make the links in my comments “live”. Some very good journalism there, if people could just click on the links.

    fair winds,


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